Pets as property or something more?

I have three dogs who I consider members of my family.  My dogs each have distinct personalities and quirks that separate them as individuals.  As a society, it seems that we have been moving away from the old notion of the animal as a ancillary to the family and most people who have pets consider […]

txtng klls

I was at my church helping with the teens when one of the high school guys, Nate, handed me a small elastic band. I asked Nate what it was and he told me that it was a thumb band meant to keep people fromtexting while driving. He said that there were lots of kids who […]

Hello Washington!

Hello Washington! At The Law Firm of Harold D. Carr, We focus our skills on personal injury victims alone.  Respected in the legal community, our attorneys have a history of success in the courtroom and through negotiation.  They are supported by a superior legal staff who are equally dedicated to professional representation of our clients. We take on the burden […]
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