Client Testimonials

“Everyone was SO great! From Julie to Karen, to support Staff. Harold at the Washington Center after hours kindly answering work questions during intermissions. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”  J.W.

“Ruth Miller, Mr. Carr and all the staff were all very patient, assertive, professional in all dealings with me via in person or phone per all aspects of my case and treating me so cordially and sincerely as a person. I appreciate all the time of all I worked with.”  C.T.

“Ann Marie was great at communicating what was happening and why. She is amazingly approachable and went out of her way to put me at ease and assist me in every way she could. B.R.
Everything was absolutely amazing. You all did a wonderful job, Thank you so much!”  W.S.

“I feel that the Law Offices of Harold Carr did a good job for me and in a timely manner.”  M.O.

“Thank you for making the process so easy & being so helpful!”  A.F.

“The staff is very friendly & I’m extremely impressed with the services provided. Thank you for all your continued support. Keep up the good work!”  F.M.

“Everyone was very helpful, provided information along the way and made us feel good that you were on our side throughout the whole process.”  F.C.H.

“I feel that I got excellent services.”  S.H.

“Very considerate, helpful, and gave a very passionate action to my claim. Thank you So Much!”  R.A.V.B.

“You guys did a great job. You were always very efficient, positive and supportive during my case. Thank you everyone!”  A.G.

“The staff is very friendly and I’m extremely impressed with the services provided.  Thank you all for your continued support.” F.M.

“I cannot recommend this team enough.”  V.M.

“Mr. Carr and all the Tacoma Staff are awesome.”  D.S.

“A wonderful lawyer who will work very hard for you!  I recommend Harold, and his staff, to anyone who needs a lawyer.”  K.B.

“For both of my accidents I had, the Harold Carr Law Offices was more than friendly and helpful.” A.D.

“The firm as very helpful and compassionate towards me in a time of distress. They were very knowledgeable and hard-working on the claim.” A.P.

“Thank you for all you did for me and my case! I appreciate all your hard work and Commitment to get a settlement for my case.” M.M.

“Friendly staff, easily contacted.” D.T.S.

“The experience with the firm was affirming and I would recommend this firm to anyone.” E.K.

“Hassle Free! Michael Montgomery was knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you all for your help through this trying time.” R.S.K.

“Professionally kind, polite. My highest recommendation of the law firm. Thank you Harold Carr & others!” M.N.

“Everyone is very nice and helpful!” L.R.

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