Motocycle Accidents

While riding a motorcycle often has a connotation of freedom on the open road, motorcycle accidents can result in cataclysmic injuries that negatively impact your life. Motorcyclists who have a collision with an automobile, bus, or large truck frequently suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic injuries, if they’re fortunate enough to walk away from the accident at all.  Motorcycle accident victims have to juggle extensive medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and scarring, and wages lost from missed work during recovery, all while attempting to receive financial compensation for their injuries. The Olympia motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Harold D. Carr are prepared to assist you in receiving the damages to which you are entitled.

If you’ve suffered from a motorcycle accident injury, it’s important to seek legal representation experienced in these types of personal injury cases. There are many details of accident cases only a firm experienced with Washington personal injury law will know. For example, many juries have a prejudice against motorcycle riders without hearing a single fact of the case, the assumption being that cyclists weave in and out of traffic, disobey posted speed limits and traffic signs, and generally drive with reckless abandon.  Our firm prepared to use our considerable resources to prove your case to a jury by sidestepping prejudices about cyclists and presenting a clear look at the facts of the case.

The Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyers from The Law Offices of Harold D. Carr have been fighting for clients in personal injury cases since 1989 in Olympia, Tacoma, South King, Grays Harbor, Mason, Lakewood, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, Puyallup, Lacy, and throughout the State of Washington. We do not get paid until you receive the compensation you deserve! Contact our West Olympia motorcycle accident attorneys at (800) 700-8082 for your free, no obligation consultation today!

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