Nursing Home Abuse

When we place our elders in the care of a nursing home facility, we expect them to be cared for and looked after properly. The nursing home professionals should provide a happy and healthy home for our loved ones by performing the necessary duties that their jobs entail. Not only must these professionals ensure that our elders are healthy; they should also be treating them with respect and compassion. If this is not the type of care that your loved one is receiving at their nursing home, seriously consider getting in touch with an Olympia nursing home abuse attorney.

Unfortunately, cases of nursing home abuse and neglect frequently occur. Regrettably, our trust is often left down by the nursing home facilities. The nursing home professionals that we trusted to treat our elders with consideration often do the exact opposite. The Tacoma nursing home abuse lawyers at Law Offices of Harold D. Carr have handled nursing home abuse cases in which the nursing home professionals mistreated elders. We have seen cases in which elders suffer from bedsores, slip and fall accidents, malnutrition, lack of proper supervision, or even wrongful death.

Contact an experienced Olympia nursing home abuse lawyer if your parent, grandparent, or loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or has been neglected at a care home. The lawyers at Law Offices of Harold D. Carr, an experienced nursing home abuse law firm, will treat your elders with respect and consideration, and give them the attention that the professionals at the nursing home never did. By examining the facts of your nursing home abuse case, our Tacoma nursing home abuse attorneys will determine the best route to get compensation for you elder’s suffering.

Hold the nursing home accountable and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Olympia, Washington. For your free consultation at the Law Offices of Harold D. Carr, call 800-700-8082.

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