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txtng-kllsI was at my church helping with the teens when one of the high school guys, Nate, handed me a small elastic band. I asked Nate what it was and he told me that it was a thumb band meant to keep people fromtexting while driving. He said that there were lots of kids who die every year because of people who text while driving and cause accidents.

I decided to look into it and found www.textingkillsthumbbands.com This site was created by a father whose daughter was injured in a serious car accident because the driver wasn’t paying attention. One of her friends was killed in another accident.

The father saw that these accidents and so many others were caused by drivers who were texting and otherwise distracted. So he decided to start a campaign to end the thousands of deaths resulting from the distractions by educating teens and providing these thumb bands as reminders.

This father’s mission is working. Nate is a teen who recognizes the danger of texting and driving and is sharing that message with others. Thanks, Nate.

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