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If you have suffered a life-changing injury in a serious car accident that was not your fault, then you might be in for even more hardship as your medical bills and missing wages start to rip into your finances. To navigate this difficult time and fight for the full compensation that you deserve, choose the Law Offices Of Harold D. Carr, P.S. and our car accident attorneys in Federal Way. Throughout our decades of collective legal experience, we have helped more than 17,000 personal injury clients, many of whom needed legal counsel after a bad car accident much like yours.

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Useful Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

It will be our goal as your Federal Way car accident lawyers to prove you were not liable for your crash and injuries. Reducing your liability as much as possible could hinge on using evidence to back your argument and paint a clear picture of what happened. In many car accident cases, the most useful evidence is all collected immediately after a crash, while everyone is still at the scene.

Let our team know if you did any of the following after your car accident:

  • Called emergency responders: The reports written by paramedics, police officers, and firefighters can be incredibly useful when establishing an unbiased, third-party account for what happened. Police officers will sometimes allude to who they believe caused an accident by recording that person as “Party 1.” Tell our team which emergency responders arrived to lend a hand after your crash, and we can see about getting copies of their reports to study for useful proof of liability.
  • Collected identifying and insurance information: Everyone knows that you should get identifying and insurance information from the other driver after a car accident, but it doesn’t always happen. The other driver might flee the scene before you know who they are, or you might just be so stressed from the event that you forget to write down their info somewhere you can access it later. If you do have that information, though, give it to our attorneys, so we can investigate their driving records if needed.
  • Spoke with eyewitnesses: Many people who are caught in a car accident will tell you that they do not know what happened. From their perspective in the middle of the crash, details can be a challenge to figure out. Eyewitness testimonies can be extremely useful for this reason, as people in other cars or on the sidewalk could have seen what led to your crash with better clarity than you did.
  • Went to the doctor: Seeing a doctor soon after a crash – as in within a few hours or less – is good for your health and your claim. A doctor’s diagnosis can help identify underlying injuries and treat them early. It also shows insurance companies that you are taking your injuries seriously and doing what you can to alleviate them, which can lower your liability for injuries diagnosed later on.

What Compensation Can You Get?

The available compensation for your car accident claim will depend on your experienced damages. The extent of those damages will naturally affect the extent of your compensation, too.

It is common for a car accident claim to ask for compensation that helps pay for:

  • Medical bills related to emergency care, hospitalization, surgeries, and more
  • Wages lost or not earned due to missing work while you recuperate
  • Vehicle repair or replacement based on a fair value of your vehicle
  • Additional care or treatments, like rehabilitative therapy and prescription medicines

You might also be able to demand noneconomic damages related to your pain and suffering. The hardships you have endured since your accident are real, and you should be given real compensation in return.

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Our Federal Way car accident attorneys are familiar with all types of car accident claims. Whether you were hurt by a drunk, texting, inexperienced, uninsured, or rideshare driver, we can take over your case and work on every step and detail for you. We are always eager to get a chance to put our investigative and legal experiences to good work for friendly faces in need, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible after a crash in Federal Way.

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