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Truck Accident Attorneys in Lakewood

Fighting for Every Cent of Deserved Compensation

Trucking companies are notorious for fighting back heavily the moment someone tries to file a claim against them for a crash. Even the minute a report of a truck accident reaches their ears, you can assume that the trucking company’s defense team is getting to work to minimize their liability, down to 0% if they can. If you want your truck accident claim to stand a fair chance of success, then you need to move just as quickly and with even more focus.

Start by picking up the phone and dialing (253) 345-4522 to connect with the Law Offices of Harold D. Carr in Lakewood. Our truck accident lawyers can bring decades of collective legal experience to your claim, giving you the strength needed to stand up to insurance defense teams. We know that a truck accident is devastating and has likely left you in financial distress, which is why we go well above and beyond what you might expect from an injury law firm. We know we are fighting for your future wellbeing!

Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation.

Liable Parties in Truck Accident Claims

Who is it that caused your truck accident? You know it was not you, but you also probably do not know who it was in particular. The truth is that truck accident claims can get complicated right away because not just a single person or party is to blame for what happened. With an investigation into available evidence, it is not uncommon for liability to be placed on multiple parties.

Liability might apply to the following and more:

  • Truck driver: A truck driver who does not safely operate their vehicle should be accountable for any crashes they cause. It is rare for a truck driver to not be at least partially liable because they are the one person who is in direct control of the truck at the time of an accident.
  • Trucking company: The trucking company that hires or contracts a trucker can be liable if their professional negligence adds to the risk of an accident. For example, a trucking company can be partially liable if they hire a driver without a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and that trucker later crashes.
  • Maintenance crew: Some of the worst truck accidents are caused by vehicle defects that should have been caught by the truck’s maintenance crew. It is also possible that defective parts are the responsibility of the part manufacturer, which adds yet another third-party to the case.
  • Load crew: Even companies that load cargo onto a commercial truck can be to blame for a crash if they load items incorrectly. Many tractor-trailers are loaded by the staff of warehouses and retail locations, for example, not anyone directly employed by the trucking company. If a trailer tips over due to being poorly loaded, then the load crew’s employer might be on the line for damages.

Types of Truck Accident Claims

You do not need to search far and wide for a law firm to help you after a truck accident. The Law Offices of Harold D. Carr in Lakewood has an eclectic team of attorneys who have seen all sorts of truck accident cases. We are certain we can apply our experience and knowledge to your case, no matter what sort of truck accident caused your serious injuries.

Let us represent you if you were hurt in a:

  • Jackknife accident that affected multiple lanes of traffic
  • Rollover or tip-over accident involving an overloaded trailer
  • Rear-end accident at an intersection or in stopped traffic
  • Underride accident in which your car was forced under the trailer
  • Loose cargo accident in which a piece of cargo fell off a truck and hit you

Oftentimes, head-on collisions result in fatalities due to the sheer amount of force imparted onto smaller passenger vehicles. We can also represent you in a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one in a violent truck accident.

Do Not Post on Social Media

There are many things you should do after being in a truck accident, from seeing a medical professional as soon as possible to trying to gather evidence at the scene of the crash. There are also many things you should not do. Most notably in today’s day and age, you should steer clear of using social media while your truck accident claim progresses.

Trucking companies and the major insurance companies representing them have been known to hire private investigators to comb social media outlets after a serious crash. The investigators know that a single post can damage the claimant’s liability, so they will crawl up and down your social media walls to see what you are doing. It is their aim to find a post that makes it seem like you are exaggerating your injuries and, therefore, should be given less or no compensation.

For example, imagine that you posted onto Facebook that you mowed your lawn because you were feeling so tired from being bedridden. The insurance investigator would jump on that post and misconstrue it to make it seem like you were admitting to doing a strenuous activity that should be unlikely if you are seriously injured. You might know that you only mowed your lawn for a couple of minutes before tiring out, but no one else does, and the damage to your case has been done. To be safe, stay off social media as you can.

Getting Your Case Rolling – Contact Us Now

The Law Offices of Harold D. Carr want to make your life as easy as possible after a crash. Our Lakewood truck accident lawyers are here to handle all aspects of your case, keep you informed as it progresses, and provide genuine moral support. With us by your side and leading the way, you can get through these trying times.

Call us at (253) 345-4522 to learn more about your options after a truck accident.

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