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Big Rig Crashes Call for Big Compensation

The devastation caused in a commercial truck accident can be widespread and dramatic, even when the truck was traveling at a relatively low speed. The massive size and weight of a semi-truck are simply too great compared to that of the average passenger vehicle.

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Who Do You Sue After a Truck Accident?

Liability is the legal concept that blame can be divided as needed after an accident. The percentage of liability each party is assigned also determines how much that party should owe to an injured claimant or plaintiff.

With liability rules in mind, who should you sue after your truck accident in Puyallup? Who can be held liable for your damages? As your trusted truck accident lawyers, we can figure out the liability division of your case while you focus on resting. Ideally, we will be able to prove that your liability is 0%, entitling you to 100% of the damages you require.

Parties who might be named defendants in your truck accident claim are:

  • Truck driver: In most truck accident cases, the truck driver is at least partially liable for the crash and the damages it causes since they were the one operating the vehicle.
  • Trucking company: The parent trucking company that employs or pays the trucker who hit you might be partially liable, too. Liability can be assigned in this way if the trucking company knowingly scheduled truckers for shifts that would naturally lead to exhaustion behind-the-wheel. The same is true if the company hires truckers unfit to safely operate such a large vehicle without giving them the necessary job training.
  • Mechanics: Commercial trucks require frequent maintenance to check for part defects and failures. If a trucker was bringing their vehicle in for maintenance at acceptable intervals but mechanics failed to fix issues, then the company employing those mechanics could be liable for a truck accident later on.
  • Load crew: When cargo is added to a truck or trailer, it is often a third-party load crew who is responsible for loading it. When cargo is loaded unsafely and it results in a crash later – such as when loose freight falls off a truck and into the road, striking another vehicle – the load crew’s employer could be liable to some degree.
  • Truck part manufacturer: Some truck accidents can be traced back to a truck part that failed without warning, like a faulty brake system. If the defect was not something that the truck driver would have reasonably noticed on their own, then the truck part manufacturer can be assigned liability, which might open a claim up to seeking a greater amount of compensation due to higher insurance policy caps.

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