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The aftermath of a car accident can be highly overwhelming. As you are recovering from injuries and may not be able to work, you face costly medical bills and other expenses. With the help of our experienced legal team, you don’t need to face these hardships alone.

At Law Offices Of Harold D. Carr, P.S., our car accident attorneys in Tacoma can represent you if you have been injured in a collision. All of our cases start with a free initial consultation so you can meet our lawyers and learn how we can assist you.

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Comparative Fault in Washington State

The state of Washington is considered a “fault-based” state in car accident litigation, because injured drivers must prove the liability of another driver in order to recover compensation after a collision. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you will need to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company or file a personal injury suit against the driver.

In car accident cases in Washington State, comparative fault is considered. This means the liability of every person involved in collisions is looked to. It is possible that both drivers who were involved in a car accident could be found partially responsible for the damages. In these situations, drivers can have their compensation award reduced according to their percentage of fault.

For example, while one driver (Driver A) can be found to be primarily at fault for a car accident, it may be discovered that the other driver (Driver B) was 25% responsible for the collision. If Driver B was entitled to $100,000 in collision damages, their compensation would be reduced by 25% according to their percentage of fault. In this case, $25,000 would be taken off their original award amount and Driver B would receive $75,000 in compensation.

Third Party Liability for a Collision

In most car accident cases, the events are caused by the negligence of one, or multiple, drivers. Although not as common as driver liability, it is possible for a third party to be responsible for your collision damages, such as a vehicle manufacturer, mechanic, or construction company.

You may still need to negotiate with an insurance company if a third party is responsible for your car accident. Many businesses have their own insurance providers that handle claims for them. However, another party may not be insured against car accident liability. In these cases, you may need to pursue a personal injury claim to hold the liable party accountable and recover compensation.

Our car accident lawyers in Tacoma can assist you with third party claims, as well as with other complicated collision cases such as uninsured motorist claims or hit-and-run accidents. Contact us to discuss the details of your case.

When You Should Call an Attorney for a Car Accident

Do you really need a lawyer for a car accident? Is every car accident so severe that you would need to hire one? Not necessarily. Depending on the details surrounding your crash, you might not need to hire a car accident attorney to help with every step of your claim.

When deciding to hire a car accident lawyer or not, consider:

  • Liability: Who caused your car accident? This question is straightforward, but the answer might not be. When liability is contested, what once seemed like an open-and-shut claim can rapidly get convoluted with twists, turns, and legal upsets. If you are not positive that you can easily prove that you did not cause your crash, then you should be talking to a car accident attorney already.
  • Damages: When the damages caused by a car accident are steep, you should talk to a lawyer right away. Insurance companies hate paying a dollar to a claimant. They truly hate paying larger sums, though. You can bet that the responding insurer will contest liability or downplay your damages if your case is going to be worth at least several thousand dollars.
  • Familiarity: Liability laws are complicated, which is putting it lightly. If you are not familiar with the law or how insurance companies manage injury and damage claims, then after an accident is not a convenient time to expand your knowledge. You should hire a car accident attorney who is familiar with these key topics and turn their insight into your own.

Keep in mind that you can hire an attorney for legal counsel but not for representation for a case with a lower damage total. Many legal professionals are busy with client cases that involve tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills and lost wages if not more. They do not have much time in a workweek to devote to a claim with significantly smaller values, so offering full representation is not prudent for them or their preexisting clients. Instead, you can sometimes get legal guidance for a flat fee before handling the bulk of your claim by yourself.

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The Law Offices Of Harold D. Carr, P.S. legal team is dedicated to helping injury victims recover the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured in a collision and are in need of representation, contact us today. We can help you take on negligent drivers and their insurance companies and receive the resources you need to heal. We’ll handle the legal processes and communicate directly with you throughout the progression of your claim, so you can focus on getting your life back on track.

If you are interested in speaking with our Tacoma car accident lawyers, send us a message or call (800) 520-6617 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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